Thursday, November 29, 2012

December Daily

December Daily.
I tell myself, year after year, to jump in and document December's tale.  Last year, I recorded some of our December stories...though, they never made it into an album of sorts.
The whole idea behind #DecemberDaily is to document the traditions and stories occurring throughout our days this coming month.  Ali Edwards creates foundation pages before the first of the month to streamline the process.  And then simply adds photos and words for each day of the celebratory month, documenting both the big and little things life offers.
And while it is last minute...again...I can't help but be infected by the enthusiasm for the project shared across the blogosphere, Pinterest, twitter, flickr, and Facebook.  It's as if social media has lassoed me and is pulling me in.  How can I resist sweet family memories and glittery, shiny Christmas bling?!
Do you document your stories?  Do you document December differently than other months through the year?  Do you December Daily?  Yes, it's a verb. ;>
I've collected a few links from around the interwebs for #decdaily inspiration:
Ali Edwards December Daily pages, of course.
Becky Higgins shares a delightful compilation of Christmas traditions from her readers.
Elise Blaha's 2011 holiday minibook is full of inspiration & she has assembled minibooks in her shop too.
A Pinterest search always yields oodles of ideas.
And remembering to actually use my own Christmas Pinterest Board is nice too.
So, where is December taking you?  Go!


  1. Yay another one joins the fold! Have you listened to the podcasts at

    1. No, I wasn't aware there are podcasts. I'll have to check that out! :>


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